Small Talk – DVD 

In 38 minutes Dave teaches shy believers (most of us!) how to greet a stranger, break the ice with a question or two, and begin a conversation. A business man who attended the seminar said, “Brother Barba, each year my giant computer company pays thousands of dollars to a couple of  professionals who spend two days trying to teach us what you just taught in 40 minutes. Thank you!”

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In the Christian life, and in full-time ministry, you will suffer trials that sap your strength and cause you to ask, “Will I survive?” Dave Barba takes a look at the causes of frustration and discouragement–including loneliness, financial stress, physical affliction, rejection, and failure. Practical and often humorous, with helpful exhortations and applications, this book will become a lifeline for you when you feel like stepping out of the race.

Great Is Thy Faithfulness – vocal solos by Dave – $10

Fully orchestrated, traditional Christian music                                                                                                                                                                   

1.  Great Is Thy Faithfulness6.  How Can It Be?
2.  My Anchor Holds7.  Where Are the Souls?
3.  Down From His Glory8.  Zion’s Hill
4.  Till the Storm Passes By9.  I’ll Wish I Had Given Him More
5.  What Grace Is This 10. Justified

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“Signal 30”  – Dave’s salvation story     

My salvation testimony is now available in tract form.  If you have questions concerning quantity or are interested in ordering, please contact Mike at Harvest Media. These tracts are available in English or Spanish.

Bible study books for Ladies

*Step-by-step Bible studies by Claudia Barba
*Practical, spiritual applications
*For personal or group study

When Christ Was Here

What did the incarnation mean for Christ? For the people He met on earth? What are its implications for us today? Presents the wonders and practical impact of Christ’s humanity, deity, and selfless love and compassion.

Sovereign Hope: A Study in the Minor Prophets

Explores the twelve books of the Minor Prophets, unfamiliar to many of us but written in times as turbulent as ours. Learn how to trust a mysterious God, to obey God no matter what, to confront pride and procrastination, conquer fear, and gain hope in our sovereign God.

The Role of a Lifetime: The Script God Wrote for Women

Scriptural principles about our role in home, church, and community. Follow Jesus through the gospels as He ministered to women, watch NT women function in the early church, and learn to rejoice in your unique gifts and abilities.

Refresh Your Heart

Joy and hope for Christian women aren’t found in resolutions or will power, but in the God Who changes hearts. You can radically change your life by letting Him transform your rebellious, sinful heart into a reflection of God’s own heart. Topics include contentment, forgiveness, sweetness, simplicity, peace, purity, and others.

They Saw the Invisible: The Heroes of Hebrews 11

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Faith. We know it’s important, but sometimes aren’t sure what it is or if we have it. In Hebrews 11, God gives a straightforward definition of faith, then illustrates it through the lives of men and women who saw the invisible and lived by faith in what they saw. These faithful but fallible people were sometimes victorious and sometimes defeated–just like us. Like them, we can learn to live by faith in the invisible.

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Monday Morning Club – Ladies devotional book by Claudia Barba

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A woman in Christian ministry has the most exciting, challenging, frustrating, fulfilling, joyful, terrifying, blessed, stressful, thrilling, upsetting, rewarding, and amazing job in the world. Some days it’s all these at once. On those days, what you need most is a friend who understands, who knows how you feel because she has been where you are. Claudia can be that friend to you. Drawing on her experiences as the wife of a man who has been a pastor, evangelist, and church planter, she writes with love and gentle humor about the joys and absurdities of the ministry life. As you read, you will laugh and cry with her, and you will know you are not alone.

Dave’s Sermon CD’s – $4    To order go to Revival Sounds

1. Whose Music?
2. Take Courage
3. There Is Something Missing in the Christian Family
4. Determine to Do It
5. Hell Awaits
6. Shine As Lights
7. Wonderful Laws of the Harvest
8. Seven Signs of Bible Salvation
9. Hard Hearts Made Soft
10. Part 1 – Win Them Now
     Part 2 – Soul-winning Demo
11. Christ Is Enough!
12. Parents as Prophet, Priest and King
13. A Spirit Filled Marriage
14. Male and Female – Incredibly Different!
15. Get Your Joy Back
16. Five Keys to Success
17. Ye Must Be Born Again
18. Millennium – 1000 Years of Peace
19. Respecting Your Husband (Claudia Barba)