Pressing On! Radio Stations

Our Pressing On! 15-minute weekly and 5-minute devotional broadcasts can be heard here. Let me know if you listen. Pray for these stations and the millions of potential souls that can be reached.

Monday 12:30 p.m. (CST) Pressing On! 5 min. devotional Caribbean Radio Lighthouse

Tuesday 6:40 a.m. (CST) Caribbean Radio Lighthouse

Thursday 4:45 pm (CST) Harbour Light Radio

Saturday 10:00 a.m.  (CST) Faith Music Radio  

Saturday 1:30 a.m. (CST) Caribbean Radio Lighthouse

Sunday 7:45 a.m.  (CST)  Harbour Light Radio

Sunday 7:30 p.m.  (CST) VCY America   (65 FM stations and worldwide outreach via internet)

Dave Barba Pressing On! Radio Schedule      Central Standard Time     

AntiguaSt. John’s1160 AMCRLMonday12:30 PM
AntiguaSt. John’s92.3 FMCRLMonday12:30 PM
AntiguaSt. John’s1160 AMCRLTuesday6:40 AM
AntiguaSt. John’s1160 AMCRLSaturday1:30 AM
ArizonaPhoenix88.3 FMKVCPSunday7:30 PM
ArizonaTucson88.5 FMKVCCSunday7:30 PM
CaliforniaSan Francisco92.7 FMKREVSunday7:30 PM
CaliforniaPalm Springs97.7 FMKRCKSunday7:30 PM
ColoradoAlamosa106.5 FMKVCN(t)Sunday7:30 PM
ColoradoAntonito90.7 FMKVCN(t)Sunday7:30 PM
GrenadaCarriacou94.5 FMHLWThursday4:45 PM
GrenadaCarriacou92.3 FMHLWThursday4:45 PM
GrenadaCarriacou1400 AMHLWSunday7:45 AM
GrenadaCarriacou94.5 FMHLWSunday7:45 AM
GrenadaCarriacou92.3 FMHLWSunday7:45 AM
IllinoisCharleston90.5 FMVCY(s)Sunday7:30 PM
IllinoisOlney88.1 FMWPTHSunday7:30 PM
IllinoisLoves ParkWLUV
IndianaEvansville/Newburgh1180 AMWGABSaturday10:00 AM
IndianaEvansville/Newburgh93.1 FMWGABSaturday10:00 AM
IowaMontezuma89.7 FMKVCISunday7:30 PM
IowaHuxley (DesMoines,
Ankey, Ames, etc.
KansasFort Scott104.7 FMKVCYSunday7:30 PM
KansasSalina91.7 FMKCVSSunday7:30 PM
MichiganBaraga104.3 FMWVCNSunday7:30 PM
MichiganIron Mounain91.5 FMWVCMSunday7:30 PM
MichiganSpring Valley89.1 FMKVCSSunday7:30 PM
MinnesotaCook88.9 FMWQRNSunday7:30 PM
MinnesotaDuluth97.7 FMWQRM(t)Sunday7:30 PM
MinnesotaDuluth850 AMWQRMSunday7:30 PM
MissouriCameron91.7 FMWRVXSunday7:30 PM
MissouriJoplin106.3 FMKIRS(t)Sunday7:30 PM
MissouriStockton107.7 FMKIRSSunday7:30 PM
NevadaLas Vegas104.3 FMKFRHSunday7:30 PM
New MexicoAlamagordo88.5 FMKVCN(t)Sunday7:30 PM
New MexicoArtesia91.5 FMKVCN(t)Sunday7:30 PM
New MexicoAlbuquerque/Los Alamos106.7 FMKVCNSunday7:30 PM
New MexicoArtesia91.5 FMKVCN(t)Sunday7:30 PM
New MexicoGallup89.3 FMKVCN(t)Sunday7:30 PM
New MexicoHobbs90.1 FMKVCN(t)Sunday7:30 PM
New MexicoRoswell97.9 FMKVCN(t)Sunday7:30 PM
New MexicoRuidoso91.9 FMKVCN(t)Sunday7:30 PM
New MexicoSilver City90.3 FMKVCN(t)Sunday7:30 PM
OhioCambridge94.3 FMWJIC(t)Sunday7:30 PM
OhioZanesville91.7 FMWJICSunday7:30 PM
South DakotaBrookings89.1 FMKVCH(t)Sunday7:30 PM
South DakotaFreeman90.5 FMKVCFSunday7:30 PM
South DakotaGregory101.5 FMKVCXSunday7:30 PM
South DakotaHuron88.7 FMKVCHSunday7:30 PM
South DakotaMitchell99.5 FMKVCF(t)Sunday7:30 PM
South DakotaSioux Falls106.5 FMKVCF(t)Sunday7:30 PM
South DakotaWatertown103.5 FMKVCH(t)Sunday7:30 PM
TexasLubbock92.7 FMKVCESunday7:30 PM
West VirginiaBridgeport104.1 FMWVIWSunday7:30 PM
WisconsinAppleton105.1 FMWVCY-AM(t)Sunday7:30 PM
WisconsinEau Claire90.5 FMWVCFSunday7:30 PM
WisconsinFond du Lac89.9 FMWVFLSunday7:30 PM
WisconsinMadison/McFarland91.1 FMWVCX(t)Sunday7:30 PM
WisconsinMilwaukee107.7 FMWVCYSunday7:30 PM
WisconsinMonroe90.1 FMVCY(s)Sunday7:30 PM
WisconsinOshkosh690 AMWVCY-AMSunday7:30 PM
WisconsinOshkosh99.9 FMWVCY-AM(t)Sunday7:30 PM
WisconsinOwen90.1 FMWVCSSunday7:30 PM
WisconsinPrairie du Chien89.5 FMWVCX(t)Sunday7:30 PM
WisconsinRipon102.9 FMWVCX(t)Sunday7:30 PM
WisconsinSheboygan94.9 FMWVCY(t)Sunday7:30 PM
WisconsinTomah98.9 FMWVCXSunday7:30 PM
WisconsinWashburn105.9 FMWEGZSunday7:30 PM
WisconsinAntigo/Wittenberg88.9 FMWVRNSunday7:30 PM