November 2023

I am thankful for Christmas cards and thoughtful gifts. I am thankful that 53 years ago (January 23), while a junior at Bob Jones University, I trusted Christ as my personal Savior from hell. Does anything else really matter?

In December, we enjoyed a wonderful weekend visiting and reporting to Calvary Baptist Church in Florence, AL. This was one of our favorite church plants (2012) and we always like being with our friends at Calvary. They have been meeting for years in the building of an independent Methodist church and will soon merge the congregations. Pray for a smooth transition. Fields are white!
During the holidays and into the new year:

We visited relatives in SC for Christmas. I was sick in bed (violins now playing) while the family “really missed me” and ate lots of healthy food, played games, laughed, sang, and “thought about me all day.” A week later Claudia enjoyed the same sickness. All is okay now.

We navigated our yearly doctor check-ups (teeth, eyes, etc.).

 I recorded many Pressing On! radio broadcasts.

Claudia and I both continued writing. She is about to complete a ladies’ Bible study book on the providence of God. I am getting close to finishing a book of daily devotions.

I wrestled with our ipresson website adventure for several months (malware via plug-ins). Many thanks to dear friends who helped us. The site is back up, somewhat improved, but always a work in progress. Check out the latest at

We will head to LaVernia, Texas (San Antonio), on March 1 to help plant a new church, Sand Hills Baptist. The mother church is New Life Baptist, pastored by Matt Green (New Life Baptist Church ( New Life has a number of families driving to church from LaVernia who will be the core of Sand Hills. Church planter Anthony Green, Pastor Matt Green’s brother, is an experienced pastor with a wonderful family (see photo). We plan to help them from March 1– May 31, with the grand opening in April. We will do lots of mailings, approximately 9.3 million door hangers, some social media, and maybe a 60-second announcement during the Extremely-Large Bowl (hopefully we’ll get a discount).

And in the I May Be Dead Soon department, last month I lifted very heavy cabinets, resulting in a hernia (Latin for That was dumb!). I now have informed Claudia that “old guys should not lift really heavy things–especially  bags of garbage.” I will soon enjoy repair surgery.

Please pray for:
        Preparations to plant Sand Hills Baptist in LaVernia, TX
        Two churches we recently assisted now making progress to find their next pastor.
        Dave’s quick healing and return to training for 2030 Olympic Nerf Shotput.

We appreciate you and depend on your prayers. Let’s anticipate a fruitful 2024!

Press on!
Dave and Claudia