God’s Love and Care

An Ordinary Day
‘An ordinary day–help me to realize what a treasure you are.’  Those words, painted on a wooden sign, caught my attention at a rummage sale. They came to mind later at the close of a day when my road had been level and all the scenery familiar. That day, no catastrophes or major crises had disturbed my peace. No hurricanes, tornadoes, or earthquakes (meteorological or emotional) had spoiled the harmony of the hours. Just a commonplace day, with the familiar cadence of housework and ministry. That day, my sky didn’t fall.
But neither did my road rise to meet the skies. Without any bright joys or scary surprises, the day had seemed sort of flat. Dull, even–a ho-hum, same old-same old day. At bedtime I disrupt could have written in my journal, ‘Nothing happened today.’
But how wrong I would be! On this ordinary day, I served the King of Kings! My mundane chores were His assignments. When I cut out flannelgraph figures and folded bulletins, I worked for Him. When I washed dishes and children’s faces, I washed His feet. He, too, once used a towel, revealing the glory of faithfulness in the ordinary. Today’s simple tasks were menial, but they were not insignificant.
And also on this most ordinary of days, my King took care of me. He Who ‘knows my downsitting and my uprising . . . my path and my lying down,’ Who is ‘acquainted with all my ways,’ hedged me in on every side, all day long (Psalm 139). Wherever I went, I was safe in His strong right hand. He re-routed tempests and held up my sky. He shielded me from virulent viruses, enraged enemies, and drunk drivers. On a quiet day like this, I gather my wits and calm my heart, knowing that tomorrow I may confront perils. How good He is to give me this ordinary day.
But maybe, after all, there’s no such thing as an ordinary day–for every day that the God of the universe lets me serve Him, every day that I enjoy His unseen, providential care, is an amazing gift of love.
Have an extraordinary, ordinary day!
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