Barba Press On! News – May 2017 

Greeting faithful prayer partners,

From March to June, we parked our house on wheels at the Arnold Baptist Tabernacle in Arnold (St. Louis), MO. Pastor Sam Robinson and his people were gracious and generous to us vagabonds as we lent a helping hand to the baby Ambassador Baptist Church in nearby Fenton (Pastor Tracy Nix). We thoroughly enjoyed the folks at Ambassador who heartily participated as we lead congregational singing, played the piano, violin, guitar, banjo, and even sang my Duct Tape Love Song (not available in stores), for a Sunday night kickball crowd --who were too full of hot dogs to appreciate classical music.

Not only did I get to teach the Laws of the Harvest to the adult Bible study class, but I had the joy of seeing several souls come to Christ, including a manager at Discount Tire. Claudia spoke at a baby shower and introduced her new puppet Butch as she taught the kids' SS class. In March, a new trailer jack and stovetop upgrade were skillfully installed by Claudia's old puppet, Dave (not pictured).

During Easter week, Ambassador Baptist hosted their second community egg hunt. Several hundred attended, and gospel contacts were made. With mixed emotions the church sent Caitlyn Nix off for the summer to serve in a Jewish ministry in preparation for her freshman year at West Coast Baptist College. Nobody prepares Dad and Mom for the pain of saying goodbye to their first college freshman/person.

We also attempted to share the pain of Claudia's sister and husband, Mary Ellen and Drew Conley, whose son Matthew died on April 6. Please join us as we constantly pray for peace for the bereaved parents and Matt's brother Andrew. Reunion soon!

In April, Claudia spoke at a ladies' retreat at Forest Glen Bible Camp (Jeff and Jayne Reason) in Nova Scotia. The ladies of Canada came hungry for blessings, and God worked by bringing a lady to Christ at the close of the first service. To God be the glory! Go for souls. We also enjoyed attending the Indiana Baptist Fellowship at our home church and mission board, Burge Terrace Baptist in Indianapolis. I preached to fellow church members that we rarely see, and Claudia taught the unsung heroes of the ministry--pastors' wives.

We have much on our plate for the month of June. Please pray for fruit from teaching, preaching, encouraging church planters and pastors--and checking out some possible open doors for exciting future ministry. If you've never read Share Jesus Without Fear by William Fay, make it a summer project. Thank you for your faithful prayers and support. We depend on you to hold up our feeble hands as we serve our powerful God.

Press on!

Dave and Claudia



And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

Mark 16:15

I was 9 years old when I discovered my Dad's Kodak Duex camera in his bedroom closet. Capable of taking 16 pictures on size 620 film, it was a "miniature camera that makes album-size pictures." I shot a roll of film and had it developed at the corner drugstore. I was hooked. Though I enrolled in college to become a cinematographer, God changed my direction (and my heart). God's goodness has allowed me to remain a camera bug during all my years of ministry . . . so I will occasionally post a photo or two here for your perusal. Enjoy . . . and reflect on the Maker of all things.
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